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Jun 1

Friends for keeps

One morning, I received a call and all of a sudden I have to leave my family and my friends to work in a far far away land…lol

So this was my week of a mad-hell-rush before leaving Phil!!!

  • Monday: Finished my entire requirements.
  • Tuesday: Moved out my things from our house in Manila to our house in QC. Thanks brotha for helping me out and driving me home! When I got home, went out again and had my
  • Wednesday: Visited Uruguay!  

Playtime with the Peralta-Consunji kids.

Johnpaul made this letter/card for me :)

Adeline ala Monalisa’s smile! 

  • Thursday: Beer and Milktea with Rij, Bry and Niknak. 

Bryan slash my soldier of love slash roll-on friend surprised me with a bouquet of roses 

Thank you Bry!! Sweetiepiepatootskeee!!!

  • Friday: visited my San Lorenzo Makati Friends and Had my HepB booster. 

 Yaya Colambo!!

Had dinner with my SheGella Band. Sheena-Gaizka-Ela <3 I’m gonna miss you girls!! 

  • Saturday: Went to the mall to get my laptop fixed.

While waiting, Miggy came to accompany me. 

Gave me these TeamManila shirts as “pabaon” Thanks Miguel! 

Saturday Night: Last Night of “My BoysNightOut-ish” - Went to the store near our house to smke and to bum around with my guy friends. Most of them don’t have any idea that I’m leaving the country so they were shocked and upset. Lol.

Then I went to some of my very close neighbors and said my goodbye’s as well.

I was about to went back home when my friends at our village made a surprise by having a little despedida for me. I didn’t plan to have a despedida for I was running out of time and I was so tired and stressed. What a fcukign cramming week, right?!  Moreover… I hate GOODBYESSSS! And I haven’t told most of my friends that I’m already leaving the country. What kind of friend am I? Really? Crazzzzzzzzzzzzyy!! 

Ivy, Joyce, Ivory, Me, Rizzi and Kisses

Last bottle of beers!!! lol Thanks Cheesecake for Ze unexpected despedida! :) Thanks Kisses for the liempo, our pulutan hahahaha Thanks Manong Icar for 2 cases of Red Horse Beer <3

  • Sunday: Went to hear mass. Visited my grandma’s grave. Had lunch with my family. 
In the afternoon I had another surprise from my highschool best buds!! Oscar, Jerome and Jason visited to wish me luck for my new adventure!! As always, these guys never fail to make me laugh. *badasskickasslaughing*
Oscar aka Patis gave me his ID lace from his work as a remembrance hahaha cute though… Will surely miss you repapips-wenekleks!! haha

Ivylove visited me again and gave me a cologne, my favorite scent of her! 

And ofcourse I’d kill this guy if he didn’t show up!! My bestfriend Jay!!

He went to the airport to see me before I left. He gave me his expired ID from work and a calling card as a remembrance. Hahaha. Cute!!! So in return, I gave him my Slimmers expired membership card and a picture. :))

Whats with you guiseee showing me some tuff lovingggg!!! lol Very heartwarming!! Touching!! It made me feel that I have a bunch of good friends who love me so much!!! (Now I know, a lot of people will cry if I die!!jk) 

Therefore I conclude, I am blessed to have my genuine friends.. and I never thought that leaving would be more difficult for me… 

I only wish I had more time to spend with some of my friends like Jam, Les, Bianca, Marah, Payk, JuanCarlos, Eric, Buddy, Joehappypants, Jiggybabybench, Chae etc. Anywooo, you know who you are!!!! 

I will all miss you! You guys will be forever in  my heart. My friends for keeps!! Until we meet again! 

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